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Publishing internship at Tara Books for German applicants

On Tara’s internship programme, you will live and work with us for one year. We provide accommodation in our studio flat, which is on the third floor of our space called BookBuilding. You will have your own room – with shared facilities when there is another resident. In addition to this, we offer a stipend of Rs 15,000 a month which will allow you to live modestly and comfortably.
Currently, we’re looking for German candidates looking for a publishing internship opportunity. Apart from German, you also need to speak and write English fluently. We have recently begun a small list in the German language, which we intend to grow. We need you to assist us with growing the German market not only through translation and editing, but also through research, publicity, and marketing efforts. In addition, we have distribution arrangements for our English books to several countries in Europe, and this is also an area you would help us to grow.

Working in a small independent publishing house requires you to familiarize yourself with all aspects of publishing, even as you specialize in your particular area. While we mentor your growth into the publishing world, we expect you to take complete ownership of your role and tasks. You will get a chance to meet a variety of visiting creative people: artists, designers, writers, intellectuals, and activists – as well as become acquainted with our international publishing partners.
While we are very serious about our work, we favour a relaxed way of functioning, Tara is run broadly on a feminist understanding of management – non-hierarchical, flexible and open to dialogue. We believe that nurture plays a very important role in building alternative institutions which are truly democratic. However, we do need to run an efficient and viable operation in the real world, so we would like to set out our expectations clearly.

To start with, we assume that you wish to apply for this position because you are committed to our publishing vision and would like to contribute to it. For this to succeed, we expect our interns to be absolutely committed and hardworking, so you will need to be fully responsible for projects on hand, including managing your time and working to deadlines. At the end of your stay, we would like you to have seen a particular project through to the end, as well as contribute to the day to day tasks which may fall to you. In the end, we would like you to take with you the feeling that you have made a lasting contribution to our publishing vision.

On our part, we value the particular energy and dynamism that each of our interns has contributed to our enterprise. In the end, we hope that the time with us will prove to be a stepping stone to a career in publishing for you – we do have a large network of international publishing contacts.
The next opportunity to apply is for the period from July/August 2018- 2019. For more information on Tara, visit Please write with a full resume to, and we will send you our application questions. We also need two letters of recommendation.

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